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'House Flipping' Makes A Comeback In Sacramento

Individuals and small companies with enough capital available to purchase foreclosed homes, make repairs and then sell them for a profit have always been referred to as 'house flippers.' The term was popularized on a number of short lived reality TV shows, but it seems that investors are motivated more than ever to get into the real estate business. In Sacramento there has been a surge of house flippers moving in on the market. Because foreclosed homes can be had at a fraction of the cost, investors are certain that they will be able to wait until the market turns around.

Unlike house flippers that tried to make their fortunes during the real estate boon, buyers are more realistic. On average, it takes more than five months for a home to be sold in the US. After adding in closing fees, maintenance costs and real estate agent commissions, house flippers know that they have to buy exceptionally low priced properties. They are also aware of the fact that not every sale will be a profitable one.

Some Sacramento house flippers have been in the property market for years while others are just getting started. A number of foreclosed properties were sold to investors last year, and now that they have made the required repairs they are just waiting until home prices start to rise. A well funded house flipper stands to make millions of dollars from the sale of a few dozen homes. Although not everyone is able to get into the industry, those that do are able to dominate the housing market.

12.06.2011. 17:11